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Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water panels are becoming more and more popular
since their reliability has vastly improved in recent years. They
have been specifically developed for use in Great Britain’s mostly
cloudy and overcast weather. Solar panels are usually mounted on the house roof. They are
then linked to a pumping station which is piped up to an unvented
hot water cylinder.A gas or oil boiler is still installed to heat the hot water and provide

Solar panels

Solar panels will be installed on a south east facing roof or site.
Our engineers have a BEPEC accredited Solar Course qualification






Solar Pumping Station

The pumping station has to be installed to pump the heat created from the solar panels around the coil in the unvented cylinder.



Unvented Cylinder

These give you pressurised hot water. Thich is great for the use of multiple power showers in a dwelling. Plus at least 10 years guarantee.


Benefits of Solar
Reduce your bills: Once you’ve paid for the installation your hot water costs will be reduced. This is because sunlight is FREE.
Environmentally friendly: Solar hot water is a very green, renewable energy source. This reduces the amount of greenhouse gases since you are not burning gas or oil.
Year round hot water: The system will work throughout the year though you'll need to supplement your heating in the winter months via a boiler or immersion heater.

solar pumping station
unvented cylinder