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Oil Heating

Oil Central Heating comprises of an oil fired boiler which can be an indoor or outdoor model. Since they are condensing,
they are usually a floor standing unit. An oil storage tank is needed to feed the boiler with fuel. This is installed to the relevant
regulations taking account of fire and spillage risks. Oil stored central heating is one of the best fuels to run your boiler on –
especially when natural gas isn’t present in the area of your property.





Oil Condensing Boilers

New condensing, combi, conventional & system oil boilers installed and commissioned to Oftec regulations.
Tiger loops may be needed and KBB Fire Valves are a safety must.


Annual oil boiler servicing will keep your boiler running efficiently. We carry spare nozzles since an old clogged up nozzle
can easily cause an untimely breakdown.
Oil Storage Tanks
We supply and install replacement oil tanks, new concrete oil tank bases & underground or overground oil pipelines.

We can also carry out oil tank spillage risk assessment.
Oil Services List
New oil boiler installations
Replacement oil boiler installation
Oil boiler servicing
Oil boiler burner repairs
Oil pipeline installations
KBB Fire Valve and Tigar loop fitting
Oil Tank risk assessment
Oil tank replacements & new installations
Concrete oil tank base.
Cylinders replaced
Central Heating flushing
Solar hot water